Mentoring for College Students & Young Professionals

MyMithra  helps college students and young professionals find mentors to execute their short term and long term career goals. There are different levels of mentoring program for different needs: 

Quick Skills (1 week)

  • Resume Review & Feedback
  • Mock Interviews & Group Discussions
  • Presentations Review & Feedback

Foundation Skills (3 Months)

  • Basic Communication & spoken English
  • Basic soft skills development
  • Basic finance and money management

Professional Skills (6 Months)

  • Career Goal planning & guidance
  • Advanced Communication skills
  • Advanced Presentation skills
  • Logic, Critical Analysis & Reasoning

MyMithra is founded by a team of professionals with reputable academic backgrounds and several decades of progressive work experience in various, diverse industries.

If you are interested in any of the above contact us on (or) fill up your contact details here.